4 Of The CRAZIEST Lotto Stories

Lottery winners come in all shapes and sizes, but some of their stories are stranger than fiction! Here are our top four craziest lotto stories.

  1. Forgetfulness Pays
    Derek and Dawn Ladner played the same lottery numbers each week and on 11th July 2007 they struck gold when they came up! The jackpot was for £2.4 million but a further three ticket holders also had the same numbers, so they were to receive one quarter of the prize pot. That was until a week later when Derek discovered a second lottery ticket in his pocket with the same numbers for the July 11th draw and realised he’d absent-mindedly bought two! Luckily for the Ladners it meant they doubled their winnings by scooping half the prize pot instead of one quarter!
  2. Sweet Dreams
    In 2006, Canadian widow Mary Wollens dreamt of a winning lottery ticket. The numbers she dreamt of were the numbers she’d already chosen for the upcoming draw but the dream filled her with such confidence that she went out and bought another one. Sure enough her numbers came up on the draw, and Mary was the lucky owner of two of the three winning tickets. Her second ticket bagged her an extra $4 million, as she was able to claim two thirds of the prize pot instead of half. In total she scooped $16 million.
  3. The Secret Millionaire
    We all have our secrets. But what if that secret was winning $10.2 million on the lottery and what if the person you were hiding it from was your wife! In 2007, Arnim Ramdass won a share of $10.2 million from his work syndicate and went to great lengths to hide his fortune from his wife by keeping her away from the television and newspapers. His wife Donna Campbell however became suspicious and after some online research discovered his secret. Unfortunately for Donna, Arnim was determined not to share it with her and left the marital home with his dough leaving her to chase him through court.


  1. Don’t Mix Family and Money
    Money can certainly have a crazy effect on people, and that’s certainly what happened to Ronnie Orender when his mother asked him to help her report her $51 million win. In 2011, Etta May Urquhart invested in the help of her son to claim her prize money. Lottery officials asked Etta to sign her ticket but as her hands were too shaky she asked her son to do it for her. Despite lottery officials saying the signature was irrelevant, Ronnie ended up handling and spending the prize money. Etta and her husband are currently suing Ronnie for fraud as she claims she has only received $125,000 of her winnings.